In Chesterton’s novel “The Flying Inn,” the two central characters,  a wise pub owner named Humphrey Pump and Captain Patrick Dalroy, a rambunctious red-haired military man, avert the long arm of the law of Prohibition recently introduced into their Merrie Olde England.  They pile the necessaries (rum and cheese) into a donkey cart, tack on the signpost of Pump’s pub, “The Flying Inn,” and race around England spreading good cheer and adventure.

Hello, and welcome to Flying Inn to Rome.  This blog focuses on my journey into the Catholic Church.  As of January 2017, I am still in RCIA (The Roman Catholic Initiation of Adults) and, Lord willing, will be entering the Church at Easter Vigil this year.  Currently, I am 42, have a beautiful wife and three wily young sons, teach literature and writing at a local high school, drink red wine when possible, and in the best possible circumstance, can be found outside sitting by my firepit, Chesterton book opened in one hand, and pipe in the other.

As a convert of the 21st Century, I bring perhaps more baggage than others, and my cart is not just loaded with rum and cheese.  In fact, in fleeing the long arm of a postmodern, self-centered, materialistic world to the One True Holy Catholic Church, I bring much baggage I still need to shed.  My cart is still loaded with the belongings of what St. Paul would call “the old man” of myself, as well as accrued flotsam and jetsam of living immersed in world which (I thought) was only comprised of me and my desires.  So these items of self rattle alongside me still, as I am a sinner and not a saint, but the Holy Spirit, in His joy and His mirth, leads me by His Grace and the many examples given to me by the Communion of Saints, homeward bound to Rome.

I have no doubt that you are one of those saints, so please take time to say hello, suggest posts you would like to read, and above all, let us pray for each other!

Greg Pyne

Memorial of Saint John Neumann, Bishop

January 2017